Darryn Shlute

Human Fighter, ousider


Red headed, blue eyed human, 150 lbs, 5’11".


Origin: Trained and served in the Royal Guard for some time, but I was dismissed after becoming…. friends… with the Kings Daughter. Because of my training, I soon found work as a bounty hunter. After a few years, I branched out and eventually found my true calling of being a traveler, exploring nature and the land. I eventually found friends, and traveled with them while also still bounty hunting for weapon upgrades and for “sport”. However, I took up a bounty for an half orc human, which led to the death of one of my closest friends. I decided being alone was a better calling, and I still burn with rage and desire to kill the half orc that slaughtered my friend.

Darryn Shlute

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